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I am a journalist who has written for most of the major newspapers and magazines in New Zealand. I have travelled overseas to write articles on everything from drugs and crime, to general health and living. I was also asked to attend concerts and write music reviews on many of the world's top performers such as Shirley Bassey, The Irish Rovers, Billie Jo Spears and our own Rob Guest.

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A Country Touch

Just One More Time

Take The Church Train To Heaven

When I Think Of You

I have always had an interest in writing and recently turned to song writing. Since I started writing songs I have:

- Received honorable mention and runner up for my songs "Paint It Blue" and also "The Dreams She Left Behind" in the Song Of The Year Competition in the USA

- Songs are on hold with the top New Zealand country singer Dennis Marsh for when he records his next album. He has produced gold and platinum records in the past.

- Signed a 2 year contract with Pegasus Music in NZ for five of my songs

- NZ singer Eileen Rehu will soon be recording my song "Get Herself A Man" at Riverhead Recording Studios in West Auckland.

- One of my gospel songs "Take The Church Train To Heaven" entered the Christian Top 20 Hotdisc Charts in the UK and stayed there for more than 4 months - getting up to Number 4 at one point !

I am currently writing Country Music as I have always loved that simple, honest style of writing but will soon be working on music with more of a "pop" sound.
I have 4 CD's with 10 songs on each to date, which are available for purchase on this site.

I welcome enquiries from other writers or musicians perhaps to co-write or share in other ventures ? I would also like to hear from anyone keen on recording my songs as it is all about getting the music out there !!